My Work

Developed Skills

Industry-Developed Technical Skills

  • Ability to present comprehensive technical information in a manner which allows a general audience to choose the best solution for their unique situation
  • In depth experience merging live inventories over multiple stores, warehouses and production facilities
  • Advanced experience in electronic retailing, from site setup to live communication of inventory & promotions
  • Experience implementing technical corporate infrastructure for unhindered growth
  • Developed hardware & software analyzation, debugging and implementation experience & training
  • SQL Server 2012 company-wide implementation and administration
  • Extensive computer hardware, software set-up & maintenance skills, including flashing entire workstation installs in a corporate environment
  • Complete installation and management of LAN/WAN networks, including layer-2, MPLS and custom networks
  • Advanced training and experience in professional-level tutoring with Microsoft Office applications
  • Experience creating & maintaining websites & networks with dedicated servers
  • Skills in networking and leveraging multiple servers to reliably perform cohesive tasks
  • Knowledge and skills in data communication between software (such as point of sale, inventory, marketing, and accounting)
  • In-depth knowledge of program installation, training & troubleshooting for all current Windows OS
  • 3+ years of technical remote assistance (experience & formal training) for clients and associates with varying levels of technical comprehension
  • Troubleshooting satellite dish mis-alignment, repositioning of receivers & dish
  • Experience working with team members in a brainstorming ‘chat environment’ while simultaneously engaging the client to remotely resolve their issue
  • 2+ years programming experience, including PHP, C#, SQL, Java, some Python
  • 3 years of web design experience & training
  • Ability & experience navigating multiple directories and user interfaces, while maintaining accuracy, efficiency & a comfortable dialogue with the customer, when applicable
  • In- depth research & implementation of microprocessors using C++ and assembly language, creating lightweight GUIs for cheap and efficient device implementation and management.
  • Experience tracking trends and appropriating the proper resources for immediate resolution
  • Project management including human resource allocation and technological intervention
  • Advanced customer service & conflict resolution skills, both remote and face to face
  • Experience & training in ensuring compliance to industry standards for my organization, as well as for customers
  • Multiple emergency medical qualifications, from organizations including Red Cross, AHA, & AAOS
  • Experience with sole customer account management and escalated conflict resolution
  • Concise and reliable communication skills, Training in working with multiple departments