Selfie on the Kensho Superchair on a beautiful day in Breckenridge.

The most amazing thing about snowboarding or skiing is that you are able to push your limits and get an adrenaline rush, all while being in serene, relatively safe paradise. I've been snowboarding for roughly 20 years, with the bulk of my riding occuring in the past ten years in Montana.

Twenty years of snowboarding.
Mountain Biking
Taking in the view at the top of the Glory Hole, a famous mining trail.

Another mountain passion of mine is downhill and cross country mountain biking. I have a ridden bikes since childhood and have played in the mountains just as long. It was only natural for me to find the quickest way to cover the most ground during my potentially-brief stay in Alaska.

Me stopping for some air while riding our favorite trail in Winter Park, Colorado. Photo: Josh Hofmann


Climbing at Movement, in Denver, Colorado's newest and largest indoor climbing gym. Photo: Caleb Roubichad

Climbing is one of the biggest lifestyle-sports that I know of. If you want to be a good climber, you don't leave the "climber mentality" on the rocks or at the gym.
I have recently got back into sport and lead climbing with the intention of putting more time in outdoor rock climbing, although with the wet weather of Juneau Alaska, that may have to wait for different circumstances.

Climbing with friends out at the Sea Cliffs in Juneau Alaska. Photo: Britta Tonnenson

Hiking & Trail Running

Running the first annual Run to the Zip in Hoonah, AK. We raced from the boat docks to the 5th longest zip line in the world. Darn right we zipped down afterwards! I placed sixth out of 84 racers in this.

I absolutely love running, as it requires so little input in terms of what I need to prepare with, yet the way it changes your body and mindset is amazing! There are few other exercises I know of where I can keep my heart rate at 90% of it's maximum for an hour or two straight. The running community in every town I've ever lived is a fantastic group of people that not only encourage each other, but support each other on and off the trail.

Me celebrating being halfway finished with Juneau's annual trail 50k dubbed the Nifty Fifty. I placed 4th out of 16 in this race with a time of roughly 5 hours and 20 minutes, my longest race to date.