Community Involvement

My Volunteer and Other Work to Benefit the PNW

Volunteer Work

Current Volunteer Work

SouthEast Alaska Foodbank

    I currently volunteer one day a week, roughly five hours at the Faith-Lutheran branch of the Gallatin Valley foodbank in downtown Juneau. Depending on the week, in this five-hour span of the food bank being open, we assist anywhere from 40 to 100 individuals with staple foods, including items that can be easily prepared for those with access to kitchen facilities, and many items that do not require much preparation. We also take donations of food, clothing, blankets, and most-any household items that are reusable.
    Volunteering my time and resources to a local food bank is a cause I vehemently stand behind, as during college there were times where my only source of food was from the Missoula food bank.

A local community member stocks up on essentials at the Southeast Alaska Foodbank.
Toastmasters is an excellent place to hone your public speaking ability.

Capital City Toastmasters

    I am currently the Treasurer, Secretary and an avid member of the Capital City Toastmasters, a group that is dedicated to bettering our public speaking abilities. We strive to provide a constructive and friendly environment where individuals can come to work on their public speaking ability, and overcome their fear of speaking in front of crowds.

Juneau Freewheeler's Association

    Juneau Freewheeler's Association is the one cause I wish I could dedicate more time to. Juneau has a huge need for healthy activities for members of the community, both young and old. Juneau Freewheelers do a bunch of really great things for this town, from helping organize 'Bike to School' weeks, to building and maintaining some of the most-heavily used trails in Juneau, including the new flow trail at Eaglecrest ski area!

Freewheelers work with Trail Mix to build some of the best trails around Juneau.

Past Volunteer Work

Gallatin Valley Foodbank

    I volunteered at GVFB two out of every three Sundays throughout my college career in Bozeman. I would take the third Sunday and use it for self-preservation, as I was otherwise working 7 days a week and not able to pursue any of my personal outdoor passions, such as climbing, running biking and more.
    Volunteering my time and resources to food banks is a cause I vehemently stand behind, as during college there were times where my only source of food was from the Missoula food bank.

Montana is a place with many people in poverty, food banks keep these people alive.
2013 Competitors in the Montana FIRST championship, a competition involving semi-autonomous robots performing remedial tasks.

Montana FIRST

    Montana FIRST and Montana Bot Lab are the only activities outside of Bozeman schools that actively engage teens in programming and robotics. These are essential programs if we want Montana to stay a competitor in the ever-changing and growing electronics industry.

Free Cycles Missoula

    Free Cycles Missoula has a very special place in my heart. It combines two of my passions under one roof; bicycling, and helping others. My first real volunteer experiences were at Free Cycles Missoula, and this shop has changed my life, as well as that of countless others.

Free Cycles teaches and provides resources for bike building, repair and maintenance to users, young and old.

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