Professional Accomplishments

I am working to create something bigger than myself

Alaska Tax Management System

   I was an integral part of the implementation of the tax management system that we implemented in Alaska. This includes the back-end system used by roughly 100 tax technicians, auditors, managers, as well as a front end system used by taxpayers in order to pay taxes, view their liabilities, payments and more.

Educational Accomplishments

Learning to collaborate in a business setting is just as important as learning your discipline

Quantel Lasers' Motorized Variable Optical Attenuator (MVAT)

   Quantel Pulsed Laser Solutions, a company based in France, with a local office, repair and research facility in Bozeman, is the leader in the rapidly advancing field of laser technology. Quantel's laser devices are implemented in medical, industrial, and scientific applications across the world.
   The MVAT me and my team created was a proof of concept in creating a more-compact and cheaper motorized variable optical attenuator. The MVAT uses a revolutionary high resolution motor that is printed directly onto a printed circuit board, patented as a 'PCB Motor'. This allows motors to be directly printed and mounted onto the same motherboard that all other components and IO devices are mounted, allowing for the creation of extremely thin motorized devices.

Physical Accomplishments

While I am focusing to accomplish more in my career, a healthy balance of growth in both the professional and personal fields is essential to a healthy lifestyle.


    I am training to become a more-avid competitor in running, yet I have not been seriously running for more than a year. So far this year I have placed 4th in Juneau's Nifty Fifty Kilometer race, sixth in Hoonah's first annual 'Run to the Zip' race, and eighth in the 9th leg of the Klondike Road Relay.
    Most of these races were for fun, although seeing that I can place decently-fast times while recreationally racing is convincing me to compete and take running more seriously than just for exercise.

Stay tuned for updates!