My Goals

My Goals

Become a Professional Engineer

   Licensure is the mark of a professional. It's a standard recognized by employers and their clients, by governments and by the public as an assurance of dedication, skill and quality.
    There are many powerful reasons, both professional and personal, for earning and maintaining a PE license. Only a licensed engineer, for instance, may prepare, sign, seal and submit engineering plans and drawings to an public authority for approval, or to seal engineering work for public and private clients.
    For consulting engineers and private practitioners, licensure is a virtual necessity. In fact, it is a legal requirement for those who are in responsible charge of work, be they principals or employees.

Helping People

    While studying psychology in my years before turning to engineering, I learned from the head of the department that the best scientific reason for life is to help those that you can relate to. I have always wanted to help people and the best way for me to do that is not person by person, but to engineer devices, systems and processes that help humanity.

Starting a Family


My top 50 accomplishments (in no order)