I'm moving to Juneau!

Graduated and found a great job in Alaska

    During this semester I have worked diligently in applying for positions which I believe will allow me to achieve my long term goals. In the past couple weeks I have had to make some very important life decisions, one of those being what to do once I receive my bachelor's degree in early May. My current employer, Schnee's , does not need an engineer on staff and they understand my need for departure upon graduation. I have been fortunate that after all of my applications, I have received a few offers for positions local and non-local, from communications engineer to electrical construction engineering consultant.

   After much deliberation, taking advice from people I respect, and even attending career counseling, I have decided to accept an offer from Fast Enterprises LLC, as part of the 'tech team' of implementation consultants. Fast creates and maintains tax, DMV and other government software for a wide range of clients. My position with fast will essentially be providing the infrastructure that makes it possible for developers to modify this software according to our clients' needs. I chose to work for Fast, as I believe it is the opportunity that allows for the most career advancement and it is a tremendous opportunity to use my knowledge and skills to help people. Fast is a top-rated employer. This rating weighed very heavily on my decision to choose Fast, and I believe that it was a very smart decision. After only having worked very briefly with their HR team, I can see why they are so highly rated by employees and clients alike.

   About a week after having accepted the offer, I have been assigned to work in Juneau Alaska. I will be working in the top floor of the Alaska State Office Building. When I first spoke with the relocation team and learned about Juneau, I was sullen; one of the team mates on-site explained: 'the cost of living is high, and it rains most of the time'. I have spent some time realizing the opportunity that I am presented with, and I still believe that I made the proper decision in deciding to work with Fast. Juneau should be a great experience all-around. From my research, Juneau seems to be just like my current home town of Bozeman, were you to put Bozeman in the middle of a rain forest, right on the ocean, and do weird things with the sun. In short, I am very excited about this new opportunity and the move, yet I am sad to leave Bozeman. I realize that every restaurant I eat lunch at, every time I pass another familiar local, may be the last time I ever enjoy that particular experience. Yet I understand it is ideal for someone my age to move around while I am still young, and very few people get the opportunity to have this type of experience. This will undoubtedly be a life-changing series of events.