I'm moving to Juneau!

Graduated and found a great job in Alaska

    Over the past 18 months, I have experienced significant dissonance between what I'm doing for work and what I want to be doing. I enjoyed my role as a 'Technical Lead' for Fast Enterprises, but it's not what I am passionate about. I studied and excelled in one of the best electrical engineering programs west of the Mississippi. Not using this degree was the equivalent of building a car from the ground up and then deciding to ride my bike to work. I was not utilizing the tools I had worked so hard to develop. Therefore, over the past couple of months I have worked with Fast management to schedule my departure in a manner that would be of minimal detriment to the project. Having communicated that I was planning to depart, I started to save a sizeable 'nest-egg' that would allow me to resign from Fast and put all my efforts towards finding the ideal career that I've always wanted. This time around, I am only applying to my dream jobs, so if my resume' comes across your desk, please understand that the job I'm applying for isn't simply another stepping stone in my career, but rather a position that I am truly passionate about.

    While I'd absolutely love to stay in Alaska, the reduced price of oil has had a substantial impact on the economy, specifically South-East Alaska, where I currently reside. The financial outlook for Alaska is currently grim and thus career opportunities for an electrical engineer in this state are limited. Consequently, I am expanding my search for a career to the places I've always wanted to live, including Oregon, Washington, Montana (my home state), northern Nevada, and North Carolina (where my brother lives). While I do give preference to the Pacific NorthWest, I am open to opportunities anywhere in the U.S. and globally. Stay tuned! I will be updating my website with my new job soon!